'Truth, more precisely, an accurate understanding of reality, is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes'

Who are we? How do others know us? How do we express ourselves to the world? When do we engage and why? What makes us tune in to the content around us? When we listen to people talk on social media, what do we take away? What do we do with the information we accumulate? What propels us into acting on our insights? Why and how do we make our actions meaningful? 
I was also looking for these answers when I founded Impresario Global. 
Since the pandemic hit us, we are bombarded with content every day, every moment. New terms, interesting facts, known people - everyone seems to talk about stuff, all the time! Our restless fears also impel us to keep searching for data. We are on a gadget, most of the time, if not always. Suddenly, if not anything, we have all been reminded of a deep desire to live purposefully. To do more. To do good. But how do we channel this thought into purposes that lead to impact? 
I.M is how. 
There are enough do-gooders out there. There are enough free resources available to satiate your knowledge cravings. And most certainly, there are enough platforms for you to contribute to. Hence, what we do is more than all of this. What we do amplifies your resources by giving them coherence, reach and influence. 
I.M, simply put, took birth to shape your ideas into purposeful intent with high impact. It is a global platform to bring together people from all walks of life, to create, develop, design, and disseminate powerful dialogues through various palates of media. 



A maverick left-brain thinker with a passion for all things bespoke. With over a decade of assorted experience across global organizations, Anu Sharma founded Impresario-global as a platform that would take seat in the global community to amplify causes and enable people to express what matters most to them, in a title-agnostic, gender-fluid & collaborative way.



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